Water Saving Tips & Tricks

For great water savings tips and information, check out the links below:
Here are some more great ideas:
  • Install water-saving devices: Aerators for kitchen and bath taps, flow regulators for shower heads and toilet tanks, and high efficiency toilets to reduce the amount of water used in every flush.
  • Use automatic shutoff attachments on hoses, and don’t let the water run unnecessarily while washing the car or other outdoor uses.
  • Use the most efficient settings for dishwashers and clothes washing machines. Full loads are often the most efficient. When it is time to replace appliances, consider water efficiency in your choice.
  • Use nontoxic and biodegradable soaps and cleansers. Try to make environmentally friendly options. Baking soda provides abrasive nontoxic cleaning. Vinegar’s acidity makes a good cleaning option when mixed with water. Borax is an effective laundry cleaning agent as well as abrasive.
  • Turn off the tap when not actively rinsing. Examples would be while shaving, and brushing teeth.
  • Take shorter showers. Shower instead of bathe. Install a low flow shower head.
  • Electrical energy is needed to pump water from the well and send it into our homes. Conserving energy and water is critical during electrical power outages.
  • Purchase energy/water efficient appliances.
  • Fix any leaks.