Steps for interconnecting customer owned generation (20 kW or less) to the WWLC distribution system

Adding a wind turbine, solar photovoltaic system, micro turbine, or other electric generation technology to your home or business and to the Wisconsin Rapids Water Works & Lighting Commission (WWLC) distribution system is called interconnection.

If you connect to our distribution system with a generation facility you must comply with Wisconsin Administrative Code Rules, Chapter PSC 119 (PSC 119).

Your responsibilities

You and your installer are responsible for coordination of design, installation, operation and maintenance of any generation system you install, and for conforming to the requirements of our tariffs and rules, and applicable governmental laws and regulations (local, state, and federal).

These requirements are designed to protect distribution system facilities; avoid electrical interference problems; ensure the safety of customers, electric provider employees and the general public; and maintain overall system reliability.

WWLC responsibilities

WWLC is responsible for promptly carrying out the steps listed below and for meeting all required steps and timelines to process your interconnection application. Shawn Reimer 715-422-9039 is the primary contact and will assist you with any questions or information you need to complete your interconnection.