Cross Connection Inspection

Water Works and Lighting Commission delivers nearly a billion gallons of safe, high quality water to our community every year. To comply with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regulations and to insure that the water supply remains pure, this inspection program is ongoing.

The Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 established national standards for drinking water. State and local governments and water utilities are charged with enforcing these standards, protecting the public water supply, and delivering safe drinking water. Cross connection can contaminate drinking water without anyone realizing it.

Cross connection is an unprotected direct connection between drinking water piping and a contaminated source. This can be as simple as a garden hose that is submerged in a swimming pool or a bathtub filled past the overflow drain. Other examples are supply lines connected to boilers, process equipment, or bottom-fed tanks.

WW&LC will send letters to all residents scheduled for inspection. When you receive notice from us, please call the number listed to make an appointment for your inspection. If you have any question about this program, please call our Water Superintendent, Dale Scheunemann, at 715-424-9045 or Engineering Technician, Adam Breunig, at 715-423-6330.

Cross Connection Bathroom Kitchen Brochure