Residential Request to Begin or End Utility Service

Incomplete applications cannot be processed.

This form is used to establish or transfer residential service at an existing Water Works and Lighting Commission address only and NOT to be used with new construction.

New Address to Begin Service

Please verify if you are the current owner, landlord, or tenant:

Current Address to Terminate Service

Please verify if you are the current owner, landlord, or tenant:

Water Works and Lighting Commission reserves the right to require a signed application for utility service. Customer will be subject to current rates, rules and regulations as set in our tariffs approved by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. You are responsible to notify WW&LC when you vacate to end billing at the property. You are liable for all charges incurred until the end date of services. You are also required to provide WW&LC with any changes to contact information.

Responsible Party #1

Responsible Party #2

* If unable to provide all information needed please call our office at (715) 423-6300.


Landlord Section (if submitting application for your tenant)

Please know WW&LC will send your tenant a notification letter of service in their name.

All information provided will be confidential. False information can be cause for disconnection per the Wisconsin Public Service Commission rule PSC 113.0301. Residential service may be disconnected or refused for:
(i)Failure of an applicant for utility to provide adequate verification of identity and residency, as provided in sub.(3)

Here is the PDF print version of the form for those who do not wish to fill out the onine application:

Download PDF Version