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Home Energy Suite

The HomeEnergySuite is an online tool that includes the Home Energy Calculator, Energy Library, Interactive House, Kids Korner and more. The HomeEnergySuite offers 24/7 access to energy answers and provides one-stop-shopping for your energy information needs.

Use the tools to calculate the estimated cost of energy use in your home. Then use this information to better manage your energy use and costs associated with that use.

Home Energy Calculator
This quick and easy calculator demonstrates how much you can save by making simple changes in your home and lifestyle. The calculator provides you with estimated energy savings under various scenarios, such as upgrading your heating system or adding insulation to your home.

Just provide current information on your home, then click Calculate to establish your base home energy costs. Change your inputs to create new scenarios and calculate again to see potential energy savings.

Lighting Calculator
Learn how energy-efficient CFLs can save you money on your lighting usage by comparing them to traditional incandescent bulbs. The Lighting Calculator shows dollar savings, carbon savings and total ownership cost over 10 years.

TV Calculator
This calculator shows you the energy costs of plasma and LCD big screen TVs compared to traditional TVs.

Appliance Calculator
Learn how an individual appliance contributes to your energy bill or run a collective calculation for multiple appliances in your home.

Interactive House
Use this interactive tool to easily locate information about energy use throughout your home. Each room includes tips and improvement ideas.

Energy Library
The Energy Library is a useful source of tips and information for those interested in learning about conservation. Increasingly, residential customers are looking for products, services and information about conserving power and energy efficiency – and the Energy Library offers low-cost or no-cost ways to save money on your electric bill.

The Energy Library features home energy-use tips for both new construction and existing homeowners. Water heaters, kitchen appliances, doors, windows, insulation and even new electric technologies are among the subjects covered.

Kids Korner
Kids Korner delivers engaging and informative “energy edu-tainment.” Using colorful animations, playful graphics, interactive games, puzzles, science experiments, house projects and online coloring books, Kids Korner explores everything from power generation sources, transmission and distribution to electrical safety, energy efficiency and utility careers.