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Additional Meter Charge


If a customer request the installation of an additional meter* to receive credit for clear water not discharged into the sanitary sewer system, or if a sewerage service customer who is not a customer of the water utility requests the installation of a meter to determine the volume of sewage discharge into the sanitary sewer system, the utility shall furnish and install this additional meter. This rate applies to single-family residential and small commercial customers. At utility discretion, it may also be applied to other customers. A rental fee shall be charged for the use of this meter and the following rates shall apply. 

5/8 inch $3.00
3/4 inch $3.00
1 inch $5.25
1 1/4 inch $7.00
1 1/2 inch $9.00
2 inch $13.50
3 inch $22.50

Initial Meter Installation Charge - $40.00

All Water $5.20 per 100 cubic feet



Same as in Schedule Mg-1.

*For this rate to apply, the additional meter must be placed on the same service lateral as the primary meter. For other configurations, Schedule Mg-1 applies.

A complete set of Authorized Rates and Rules
is available at the Utility Office.