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CP-4 Industrial Power Time-Of-Day


This rate will be applied to customers for all types of service if their monthly Maximum Measured Demand is in excess of 1,000 kilowatts (kW) per month for three or more months in a consecutive 12-month period unless the customer exceeds the application conditions of the large power time-of-day schedule.

A customer billed on this rate shall continue to be billed on this rate until their monthly Maximum Measured Demand is less than 1,000 kW per month for 12 consecutive months. The utility shall annually offer a customer billed on this rate the option to continue to be billed on this rate for another 12 months if their monthly Maximum Measured Demand is less than 1,000 kW per month. However, this option shall be offered with the provision that the customer waives all rights to billing adjustments arising from a claim that the bill for service would be less on another rate schedule than under this rate schedule.

Customer Charge

$200.00 per month

Distributed Demand Charge

$1.50 per kW of the highest monthly Maximum Measured Demand occurring in the current month or preceding 11 month period.

Demand Charge

$7.50 per kW of on-peak billed demand.

Energy Charge

  • On-peak: $0.0735 per kWh
  • Off-peak: $0.0565 per kWh

Public Benefits Charge

$50.00 Monthly Charge

Purchase Cost Adjustment Clause (PCAC)

Charge per all kWh, varies monthly. (See schedule PCAC)

Pricing Periods

8:00AM to 9:00PM, prevailing time, Monday through Friday, excluding those days designated as legal holidays for New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

All hours not enumerated as on-peak hours.

Minimum Monthly Bill

The minimum monthly bill shall be equal to the customer charge, plus the customer demand charge.

Prompt Payment of Bills

A charge of 3% but not less than 30 cents will be added to bills not paid within 20 days form date of issuance. A late payment charge shall be applied only once to any given amount outstanding. This charge is applicable to all customers.

Primary Metering Discount

Customers metered on the primary side of the transformer shall be given a 2.00 percent discount on the monthly energy charge, distributed demand charge and demand charge. The PCAC and the monthly customer charge will not be eligible for the primary metering discount.

Determination of Maximum Measured Demand

The maximum measured demand in any month shall be that demand in kilowatts necessary to supply the average kilowatts in 15 consecutive minutes of greatest consumption of electricity during each month. Such maximum measured demand shall be determined from readings of permanently installed meters or, at the option of the utility, by any standard methods or meters. Said demand meter shall be reset to zero when the meter is read each month.

Determination of On-Peak Billed Demand

When the average monthly Power Factor is equal to or greater than 90.00 percent, the On-Peak Maximum Measured Demand shall be the On-Peak Billed Demand.

When the Average Monthly Power Factor is less than 90.00 percent, the On-Peak Maximum Measured Demand shall be adjusted to obtain the On-Peak Billed Demand. On-Peak Billed Demand shall be determined each month by the following formula:

  lptod.gif - 1.8 K

The Average Power Factor is obtained by the following formula, where

A monthly use of kilowatt hours
B monthly use of lagging reactive kilovolt-ampere-hours as obtained from a reactive component meter

Any reactive component meter used shall be equipped with ratchets to prevent registration of leading power factor.

 lpsequ.gif - 0.5 K

Conditions Of Delivery

  1. The off-peak demands of the customer shall not exceed the capacity of the facilities that the utility has providing from furnishing the customer's normal on-peak maximum measured demands. The customer shall be required to make a contribution for any additional facilities necessary for the utility to provide off-peak service in excess of the customer's normal on-peak service.
  2. The customer shall keep its loads on the utility's facilities well balanced between phases on the three-phase supply and shall control loads in such a manner as may be necessary to avoid severe fluctuations or surges and to avoid causing other disturbances on the utility's system.

A complete set of Authorized Rates and Rules
is available at the Utility Office.